Wrigley UK Sense Experience

Location: Butlins Resort Minehead, Somerset (UK)

Whilst it’s not unusual for multiple structures to be installed at one site, a commission for Wrigley UK saw Dryspace asked to supply twelve items to a single location in addition to six three metre (printed) helium balloons. A complex combination of structures from our dome and indoor range, along with additional in wall LED (controllable) lighting meant careful planning was essential.

From the outset, the recommendation was for sealed air structures (SAS), with the main Skyline Pavilion at Butlins Minehead Holiday Park offering a perfect backdrop. Sealed air systems can be supplied* on many of our structures like these and means that installs of these will remain inflated should power failure occur. This is ideal where there may be greater demands put on power supplies or in changeable weather conditions.

The balloons, printed in advance with company slogans added the finishing touches to what was another successful install. Speedily inflated and set up within just one day, you can see from the pictures that this was a case of both quality and quantity.

*Note on sealed air systems from Dryspace

Sealed air systems (SAS) are an available purchase option on all main structures from our range. They are currently only available for hire on selected items only. Contact us for further details.

With multiple installations of this size, careful planning and logistics were critical to the success of this event. Even though we were confident that the structures would deliver, the end results exceeded expectations.

Andy Weir

Director , Dryspace Structures Ltd

Utilising the enclosed environments provided by the inflatable structures along with additional lighting, some creative internal projection and scenery props, truly immersive experiences were achieved for the participants.

Structure(s), items supplied

Item list

4 x 14m domes – SAS option

5 x 8m Panoramic with connection tunnels

3 x Curve Walls – 4m, 5m and 6m diameter sizes

1 x Luna Structure

6 x 3m Diameter printed helium balloons

In-wall LED controllable lighting

Carpet in all four domes