An installation featuring multiple inflatable office pods from Dryspace Structures.

There are many reasons for choosing temporary inflatable event structures over standard partitioning schemes offered by event and conference venues, and Dryspace has the widest range of inflatable event structures to make that choice easier.

Our range, that includes both enclosed structures and inflatable dividing walls, has been developed to provide clients with the flexibility of configuration that cannot be matched by regular partitioning. They have more impact too. Even without additional lighting or graphics, these indoor inflatable structures stand out brightly against an otherwise plain backdrop. Add some creative lighting and they can be transformed to exactly match brand colours or create a specific mood.

Modularity as standard
Another key benefit of these inflatable event structures is the modularity offered. As has been mentioned in previous posts, with all door openings and wall heights standardised, different products can easily be combined. This feature (of modularity) is applied to every structure that Dryspace designs, including our semi-permanent range of pods as well. This means that we usually have a solution for every location.

Innovative structures with quick installation
Where modular temporary inflatable event structures can really make an impact are around the areas of transportation and set up. Many of these inflatable structures pack down to bags easy enough for just one person to carry. This can be especially useful when a venue’s loading bays are a considerable distance to a structures final position, if multiple structures are being supplied or if access to space might be limited. Then being air-filled, installation usually only takes a matter of minutes to set up (even for the largest of structures), particularly useful if a venue has noise restrictions or specific timings for contractor access (like some hotel conference areas do).

For further information about our temporary inflatable event structures or our latest semi-permanent range of products, you can contact us on +44 (0)1634 230034 or by emailing

Multiple Dryspace Panoramic structures installed at an event in Germany.

Several Dryspace Airwall structures installed at an event in Germany.

Several Dryspace Cuberamic structures  set up at an event in Barcelona, Spain.

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