Dryspace’s walls and partitioning products offer an alternative solution to the standard partition or shell schemes usually offered within venues and events.

Recently redesigned to offer greater stability, the simple, lightweight free-standing inflatable wall systems come in a range of sizes that make them perfect for partitioning open plan spaces. They can even be used as backdrops in themselves.

Airwalls, Cubwalls and Cross walls are modular and so offer excellent flexibility when combined together.

Recently redesigned to offer greater stability, the simple but ultimately effective, lightweight free-standing inflatable wall system comes in a range of sizes. Perfect for partitioning open plan spaces or as a show stopping backdrop to any exhibition.

This range is available in: 3m, 6m, 8m and 12m lengths (note: all items are 2.5m in height).


Dryspace I Wall range renders

Full I Wall product range

The H-Wall is a more recent addition to the Dryspace range of indoor structures. Offering the same rapid installation and options for branding and lighting as other products, this lightweight free standing inflatable wall simultaneously creates two breakout areas from one structure.

The range is available in: 3m x 3m or 4m x 4m.


Dryspace H Wall product renders

H Wall scale examples

Offering an alternative solution to the standard partition or shell schemes found within venues and events, the Cross Walls unique design allows for four stations to be set up at once shortening install times dramatically.

A simple compact structure, Cross Walls are available in four different lengths all with a wall height of 2.5m.

These can also form part of more complex interior designs when combined with other indoor structures from our range.

This range is available in: 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6m x 6m, 8m x 8m (each with four spaces per Cross Wall).


Dryspace Cross Wall render example

Cross Wall set up example

Whilst modular products like Dryspaces popular I walls, H walls and Cross walls can offer excellent flexibility when combined together, sometimes what’s required is a simple solution to provide a single point of focus. Available in three sizes, 6m, 10m and 14m widths, the C-Wall range can provide just such an answer.

Offering a consistent 2.5m height around the full radius of the structure (unlike our popular Curve Wall which adopts a more open stepped approach), this range has been designed to provide an enclosed performance or presentation area, whilst still allowing flexible seating options and easy access. By positioning any focus area at the back of the structure, the curved wall shape delivers excellent audibility to all in the audience, whilst still reducing excess noise transference outside of the wall. Particularly useful where distinct zones or areas are required or if the C Wall is to be installed on its own within a single larger indoor space.


Dryspace C Wall configuration render

C Wall configuration example

The Curve Wall from Dryspace is a shaped indoor display structure, available in 4m, 5m, 6m & 8m diameter sizes and with all the items in the range measuring a uniform 2.5m at the tallest point.

We think you’ll agree that these Curve Wall structures provide a much more distinctive branding space than the standard shell systems that can be found in many venues. Offering an alternative, where greater stability is preferred, to our excellent I Wall product.

Impressive structures as they are in white, by simply adding some carefully placed LED lighting, Curve walls can be transformed into an oasis of colour. Perfect to leave that lasting impression with staff or clients.

This range is available in:

Curvewall 4 (H) 2.5m x (D) 4.0m
Curvewall 5 (H) 2.5m x (D) 5.0m
Curvewall 6 (H) 2.5m x (D) 6.0m
Curvewall 8 (H) 2.5m x (D) 8.0m


Dryspace Curve Wall renders

Curve Wall examples

Cube Walls are simple, lightweight free-standing inflatable flat walls with curves. Perfect for partitioning open plan spaces, or creating  show stopping back drops to exhibitions or promotional events.

Available in white rip stop as standard, these items provide large areas to support branding, projections or creative lighting.

Available sizes in the range:

Cubewall 6  (H) 2.5m x (W) 6.0m x (D) 2.0m
Cubewall 8  (H) 2.5m x (W) 8.0m x (D) 2.5m
Cubewall 12 (H) 2.5m x (W) 12.0m x (D) 3.5m


Dryspace Cube Wall render

Dryspace Cube Wall scale examples