Pic showing a render of some Dryspace Cross wall structures

A render showing how a Dryspace Structures Cross Wall might be set up for an event. Note that this image was produced prior to social distancing and is for illustration purposes.

As we start to consider what a return to the office or working from an outside location might involve, for many businesses and organisations, the social distancing consideration presents the greatest challenge to overcome.

Challenges of social distancing in the workspace

With rented, leased or shared workspaces, complex remodelling or partitioning is out of the question and might have been equally impractical anyway. For example, standard shell partitioning can run the risk of significantly cutting out available light to particular spaces making them too dark to work in. The sizes (of required partitioning) might make carrying items to upper floors or from specific access points difficult or even standing weight could be a factor. In certain buildings, overall floor loading might need to be carefully calculated and other solutions could increase the risk of permanent damage to existing flooring or carpet.

Inflatable dividers the perfect dividing solution

Fortunately, there is an immediately available solution out there. One that answers all of the above considerations and offers a whole range of products that can be set up anywhere quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss. The answer, inflatable walls and dividers.

These temporary event dividers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Can be configured to fit any space (due to their standard and consistent heights), they can even be provided as sealed air units so as not to require any fans to run (although products that do require constant airflow employ quiet, compact and efficient systems). Their light construction means, easy transportation to an installation site and because they are usually transported in a deflated, packed down condition too, size is no restriction either.

Overcoming the risk of floor damage or weight restrictions is simple as no complex pitching or floor securing is needed and as we’ve mentioned, they are air-filled. Finally, as the materials used in construction are white and semi-translucent, light travels through and as a result, the most can be made of any available light sources rather than plunging those unavoidably in the corners into total darkness.

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Pic showing several Dryspace office pods installed at a venue

Multiple Dryspace inflatable office pods set up as self contained interview or work areas.

Pic showing several Dryspace inflatable walls being used to divide a warehouse space

A larger space being divided up using C Walls .

Pic showing several Dryspace Cross wall products used as an event breakout area

Several Dryspace Cross Walls being used at an event. Please note, that this picture was from an event not under restrictions and is intended to show the products in situe.


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