Location: Doha, Qatar

The brief required that a range of structures be supplied to allow the creation of several different self contained environments. All needed plenty of floor space and protection from the elements was essential. Shipping from the UK and on site installation was also required and critically, all structures had to be in place within a set 48hr window.

Due to visitor numbers discussed, the recommendation was for two of the largest domes (24m) as central attractions, each offering 365m2 of floor space. Two 14m domes, offering a further 120m2 and then two 12m cubes (106m2 each). The latter recommendation was to accommodate complex lighting and sound rigs in two areas. Cubes offer flat walls alongside excellent ceiling clearances and so were a natural choice here.

The multiple structure consignment consisted of more than 23 pallets and with logistics of this nature a regular consideration for us, these were sent via airfreight alongside an installation team flying separately to meet it.

Once on site efficiency was the key, our team working alongside local contractors to completely fit out the spaces to detailed specifications. All was completed with time to spare and feedback from both the organisers and visitors alike was amazing. The structures providing the perfect compliment to the events held inside.

You can see highlights of day seven of this annual event and briefly experience the flavour that makes it so popular in this short video. The event offered visitors a celebration of film, education and community.

Your guys worked very hard and everyone was impressed with their approach, attitude and commitment to the work. Please make sure they know that they impressed!

Organising Team

Tribeca Festival, Doha

Structures were required to create distinct areas within the event and provide protection from the elements. Efficiency from the team working alongside local contractors meant strict installation schedules were comfortably achieved.

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