Pic showing the front of a single Dryspace pod and an architectural render of a pod set up as an office shown at an angle

Dyspace office pod architectural render. A single 3m Dryspace Office pod set up as an interview room.

Whilst many businesses are refining how best to provide workspace distancing for their employees, a positive that can be drawn from the lockdown has been the realisation that many can successfully work from home.

Whilst moving to a mixture of home and on-site work reduces the need to travel or can provide an improvement in work/life balance, it does assume, that there is an appropriate space at home from which to work.

Many, simply have space enough to turn a spare room into a designated office, others are happy to place a desk in the corner but for the remainder, an alternative solution is sought.

The garden office gets an update

There are many advantages to using a separate space or location from which to work but a major factor is that there can be a clear physical break between a work environment and regular home life. This division can be further improved by the setting up of an office in the garden or shed. The walk back to the house an opportunity to leave work at the desk. Now comes a challenge.

Whilst we currently bask in balmy spring weather, if the garden is the preferred location, any solution would need to be suitable for year-round usage to make it a realistic choice. This can lead to a wishlist of some length, identifying points such as, appropriate insulation, being easy to clean and maintain, a decent outer size and internal floor space, the scope for internal layout customisation should you want a change and finally, a structure that is constructed from materials that support efficient installation and deliver a manageable overall structure weight.

Not everyone wants a log cabin though

Considering the potential wishlist above, a rustic or traditional chalet solution might not be the go-to, due to style or practicality and the growth of sleeker office pods has come about to offer the customer more choice. These modern semi-permanent structures can deliver the sleeker lines as standard but still offer the flexibility to be creatively clad and retain a contemporary feel. Improved specifications over the competition are achieved in other ways too, through efficient insulation so as not to compromise internal dimensions and even offering the opportunity to reduce grid supply demands through utilising renewable energy sources (solar panels) in the design. Windows and doors can be delivered in clear or frosted styles (or combinations of, through the use of film) to improve privacy and make for a brighter, lighter workspace.

The Home Office pod from Dryspace Structures

Dryspace doesn’t just supply inflatable walls, dividers and temporary inflatable structures of all sizes, we also have a range of modular semi-permanent structures too.

Our office pods are well insulated, available in a range of colours, produced in an easy to clean, anti mould outer shell. Incorporating recycled materials in the construction. Offering custom configuration all with hidden electrical routing for lighting and internal power. These structures are available as a standalone 3m cube or in additional 3m sections, these structures can provide the ideal work from home solution.

For further information about our temporary inflatable event structures or our latest semi-permanent pods, you can contact us on +44 (0)1634 230034, email andy@dryspace.co.uk or check www.dryspace.co.uk.

Pic showing an architectural render of a Dryspace office pod to be used as a site office

An architectural render of a Dryspace office pod intended to be used as a small home or site office.

Pic showing the front of two Dryspace 3m pods. One white, one blue

Two examples of 3m Dryspace Office pods in blue and white.

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