A Dryspace Curve Wall structure used as a conference breakout.

When it comes to the benefits of inflatable event walls and dividers several key features are immediately apparent when compared to the standard shell or dividing solutions.

Break out from the straight lines
The first of these is the shape. Whilst there are occasions when a flat, straight wall is ideal, the opportunity to break out from those straight lines can create impact. It’s a little like the white space on a small ads page in the newspaper. Which ads are your eyes drawn to? Those that have some clear space amongst the lines and lines of words. A little like an oasis in the desert, it stands out and can act as a beacon of interest to those walking around an event space. Dryspace Structures can supply eight different styles of inflatable event dividing walls and these can also be combined into even more creative arrangements.

Any colour you like
Whilst most inflatable structures and walls are fabricated from a white rip-stop material (which can be just as effective in standing out), add some lighting and every colour in the rainbow is an option. Perfect to match up with brand colours or to work alongside existing promotional graphics. Lighting can also be used to create moods or to represent transitions of time or a journey even.

Quick to install and to reinstall again
Typically, inflatable event structures take minutes to install, even for the largest products and in many cases, it can be put up and then packed away by just one person.

These temporary event structures pack down into easy to carry bags, some as small as a rucksack. Simple to transport from loading areas, cheaper to courier (or ship) and then no hassle to be stored away when not in use.

For further information about our temporary inflatable event structures or our latest semi-permanent pods, you can contact us on +44 (0)1634 230034, email andy@dryspace.co.uk or check www.dryspace.co.uk.

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A Dryspace Cube Wall structure set up as a presentation area.