A multiple installation involving the popular Panoramic structures.

When it comes to efficiency, just like the versatility of our range of products, we at Dryspace pride ourselves on delivering consistently high standards. Whether these standards are driven through ongoing structure refinement, rigorous product testing, the quality and type of materials selected in fabrication or via the experience of our install staff, all are important pieces to the jigsaw.

Light and compact
Right from the start, the fact that our structures are fabricated from a tear resistant material, with similar properties to that used in parachutes, means we can provide smaller pack downsizes and lighter weights to transport. This increases the (transport) options available and is a benefit for locations that may have complex or restricted access requirements.

Energy efficient
During operation, all our air filled structures use low energy, low noise fan systems (one amp per fan – with an average indoor structure requiring two fans) ensuring that products can be installed virtually anywhere, with minimal demands on a location’s electricity network.

Recycle, reuse
When it comes to wear and tear, in most cases our structures can simply be repaired but on the occasions, this proves to be impossible, we currently have a pipeline that repurposes damaged panels into carrying bags or other equally innovative products.

For further information about our inflatable event structures or our latest semi permanent range of products, you can contact us on +44 (0)1634 230034 or by emailing info@dryspace.co.uk