Our semi permanent structures can work individually or when combined together. Some even come to fully fitted out specifications. You simply specify the use and we’ll custom fit accordingly.

Weather the elements

The advantages of a more rigid outer frame are a better control over the internal environment. This opens up a wider range of possibilities for use that other temporary structures just can’t support.

Light yet strong

Designed and constructed to offer a fully modular, stackable* solution. Our structures can easily enclose any event or requirement that needs to be in place for longer.

Great to be square

With fully integrated fitted systems and insulation, structures from Dryspace deliver internal dimensions that allow enough space to even include the kitchen sink.

There are occasions that either a structure needs to be in place for longer, more control is required over the internal environment or predicted weather conditions make standard airflow products unsuitable. In these instances structures from the Dryspace semi permanent range could provide the solution.

All structues offer surfaces suitable to carry branding and most contain prefabricated elements to ensure efficiency of installation. Careful consideration during the design process also means that structural weights are reduced to support ease of transportation too.

Dryspace Spaces

Dryspace Spaces offer a configurable low maintenance space. Available in a range of popular sizes, colours and finishes or to completely bespoke dimensions, each structure comes with a 10-year structural warranty and are building regulations and planning permission compliant. With a projected life expectancy of more than 35 years and constructed from rigorously tested materials these futuristic structures can easily serve as a convenient extension to business premises, a temporary store or a home office. Construction is from fully insulated panels, making these structures the perfect space to work, rest or play all year round.

Structures are usually fabricated off site, with full integrated internals and are delivered literally ready to plug in. In the event of restricted access, on-site builds can be organised too.

For further information about this exciting range of structures visit One space, many uses.

Pic showing a 3m x 3m Dryspace Space
Pic showing a Dryspace Spaces Bike shop configuration

Space 2 – 3m (length) x 2.4m (width) x 2.8m (height) 

Space 3 – 3m (length) x 3m (width) x 2.8m (height)

Space 3.6 – 3.6m (length) x 3m (width) x 2.8m (height) 

Space 4 – 4m (length) x 3m (width) x 2.8m (height)

Space 5 – 5m (length) x 3m (width) x 2.8m (height)

Space 6 – 6m (length) x 3m (width) x 2.8m (height)

Container conversions

Dryspace container conversions have been developed from several projects that required a secure, mobile, marketing or promotional environment. Using recycled shipping containers as a base offers the potential to deliver truly unique and innovative spaces, especially when combined with some internal and external cladding.

These units can be easily adapted to a whole range of purposes including, residential, office, retail and activity space use. Additionally, with much of the fitting and fabrication completed before delivery, containers can be completed in a matter of weeks.

Pic showing a render of two container sizes

Container 6 – 6m (length) x 2.4m (width) x 2.6m (height)

Container 12 – 12m (length) x 2.4m (width) x 2.6m (height)

Offering both size and shape

Dryspace’s range of semi permanent structures can be used to create stunning exhibition environments, chill out zones, engaging meeting rooms and breakout areas. By adding internal LED lighting or applying temporary graphics unique pop-up branded areas can swiftly be created. The whole range is highly portable, lightweight and efficient to install and usually requires minimal site preparation.

With size solutions to cover spaces either individually or as linked structures, we’ve got you covered.