Our semi permanent structures can work individually or when combined together. Some even come as set section lengths. You simply specify the space and we’ll custom fit accordingly.

Weather the elements

The advantages of a more rigid outer frame are a better control over the internal environment. This opens up a wider range of possibilities for use that other temporary structures just can’t support.

Light yet strong

Designed and constructed to offer a fully modular, stackable* solution. Our structures can easily enclose any event or requirement that needs to be in place for longer.

Great to be square

With a square base the Sky Dome from Dryspace provides increased usable floor areas over other conventional dome or rounded structures. 

There are occasions that either a structure needs to be in place for longer, more control is required over the internal environment or predicted weather conditions make standard airflow products unsuitable. In these instances structures from the Dryspace semi permanent range could provide the solution.

All structues offer surfaces suitable to carry branding and most contain prefabricated elements to ensure efficiency of installation. Careful consideration during the design process also means that structural weights are reduced to support ease of transportation too.

Dryspace Pods (DSP)

Dryspace offers an innovative solution perfect for temporary office requirements, smaller self contained events or promotions and urban farmers.

With a sleek design, excellent insulation values and the same modular opportunities as our other temporary structures, the Dryspace Pod could be the solution for many needs. Ease of transportation and installation is also assured through careful consideration of construction materials and offsite prefabrication where possible. The smooth outer skin not only looks attractive but also provides a blank canvas perfect for branding. Internally, climates are easier to control than regular shipping containers due to our specially designed walling system and built in insulation.

Dryspace Pod (DSP) single – 3m sections (length) x 2.5m (width) x 2.8m (height) – Configurable in lengths of 3m.

Dryspace Pod (DSP) double – 3m sections (length) x 5m (width) x 2.8m (height) – Configurable in lengths of 3m.

Sky Dome

There are occasions when an event or display needs to be in place just that little bit longer. In these instances the Sky Dome could be the perfect choice. 

With square bases that offer excellent useable floor areas and door openings on every face, Sky Dome raises the bar for semi permanent dome structures. Crucially, by retaining standard opening heights across the range, domes can easily be linked to offer stunning combined spaces or separate self contained zones.


Sky Dome 6 – 6m x 6m x 3.2m (height)

Sky Dome 10 – 10m x 10m x 3.2m (height)

Sky Dome 15 – 15m x 15m x 3.5m (height)

Sky Dome 20 – 20m x 20m x 3.5m (height)

Offering both size and shape

Dryspace’s range of semi permanent structures can be used to create stunning exhibition environments, chill out zones, engaging meeting rooms and breakout areas. By adding internal LED lighting or applying temporary graphics unique pop-up branded areas can swiftly be created. The whole range is highly portable, lightweight and efficient to install and usually requires minimal site preparation.

With size solutions to cover spaces either individually or as linked structures, we’ve got you covered.