A front view of a new  Dryspace Pod (available in other colours too) alongside a fabrication shot.

As has been mentioned in earlier news posts, Dryspace always looks to ensure the efficiency of production, operation and delivery of items wherever possible and this begins with the careful selection of any materials used in structural designs. Our inflatable event structures have a long life ensured through flexible, hard-wearing materials that offer ease of repair but the recent modular pod range provided our designers with a chance to explore some creative solutions that are specific to this type of product and utilised recycled materials.

Internal temperature control and a high level of insulation are a key feature of the Dryspace modular pod range, so after careful research and development, the option to incorporate these recycled materials more than matched up with our hopes for performance. We’re looking forward to continuing this development further and investigating where the path will take us.

Combined with renewable power
It isn’t just during the fabrication process where ethical choices are being considered, however. Experimentation into how pods can draw power from renewable energy sources like solar power offer exciting possibilities. An opportunity to take advantage of weather conditions, being useful in situations where there were limited power sources or simply reducing a pods footprint are all valuable features. The possible uses for this type of pod are equally varied too, such as temporary housing after disasters, controlled medical areas or managed vertical farming solutions in urban areas or where it might otherwise be challenging for regular produce cultivation.

Alternative farming solutions
When it comes to alternative urban farming solutions, companies like True Veg have been instrumental in developing vertical farming solutions and in partnership with Dryspace and OASE have produced the Ponic Pod. Details of which can be found in earlier Dryspace news posts or by visiting the Web Farmer website.

To find out more about our wide range of temporary event structures or our flexible service, contact +44 (0)1634 230034, email info@dryspace.co.uk or visit Dryspace.co.uk.

Examples of some recycled material being used in the fabrication of a Dryspace Pod.