Dryspace’s pod range offers dynamic solutions that can be transported easily from venue to venue, event to event! The perfect solution for those smaller to medium events or where multiple structures within a comparatively small area are needed due to reduced clearance requirements. All offer excellent usable floor spaces.

All structures are light weight and some of the smaller sized products, pack down into bags that can be carried on your shoulder.

Items in this range only come in white ripstop unless produced bespoke.


Office in a bag (OIAB) is a light weight room system that packs down into a conveniently portable bag.

Designed for indoor use as an office or meeting space, chill-out pod or exhibition space.

OIAB can be permanently installed or used as a temporary space solution given the entire structure can be inflated in 6–8 minutes.

This product is available in white as standard but can also be custom branded.


Dryspace Office full range renders

Full range of Office structures


The range of Dryspace Boxers is a hybrid based on our popular OIAB and Cube Wall ranges. Designed specifically for indoor use, they are ideal for product launches or branding events it is a lightweight portable room system that packs down into a conveniently portable bag. Easily transported from venue to venue or event to event in the back of a car, van or even across your shoulder on a scooter.

Available sizes in the range:

Boxer 3: (l)3m x (w)3m x (h)2.5m, providing 5.5m2 useable floor area (closed)
Boxer 4: (l)4m x (w)4m x (h)2.5m, providing 11.5m2 useable floor area (closed)
Boxer 5: (l)5.1m x (w)6.1m x (h)2.5m, providing 19m2 useable floor area (closed)
Boxer 6: (l)6.1m x (w)6.1m x (h)2.5m, 29m2 useable floor area (closed)


Dryspace Boxer render

Dryspace Boxer 2 scale example


With a design based on the popular Cuberamic range, the Boxeramic has the additional features of a fully enclosed roof and solid door system. Particularly useful where reduced sound transference or an enclosed experience is important.

Intended specifically for indoor use, a lighter weight indoor design has been employed, reducing the need for heavier PVC beams and extra structural support. Additionally, the lighter fabrication and so overall packed weight provide efficiencies in transport costs. 

Available sizes in the range:

Boxeramic 8: 50m2 useable floor area
Boxeramic10: 80m2 useable floor area
Boxeramic12: 120m2 useable floor area

Note: Larger sizes for this range are currently in development as shown by the renders below.


Dryspace Boxeramic range product renders

Examples of Dryspace Boxeramic scale


The Panoramic range is a new edition to the lite range of indoor structures, sure to make a lasting impression at any event. The range comes in five sizes and as you’d expect from all of Dryspace’s products, are easy to transport and quick to install.

These range of highly effective lightweight, portable interior structures can appear to pop up from nowhere. Used for chill-out zones, additional meeting space or for creating inviting contemporary bar areas, our designs and service can offer clients ideas and flexibility that many had thought impossible. One of our most popular products these structures really have a size to fit all.

You can get a better look at this range in the gallery below of some of Dryspace’s fantastic Panoramic installs.

Available sizes in the range:

Panoramic 6: (l)6m x (w)6m x (h)2.8m
Panoramic 8: (l)8m x (w)8m x (h)3.2m
Panoramic 10: (l)10m x (w)10m x (h)3.2m
Panoramic 12: (l)12m x (w)12m x (h)3.5m
Panoramic 14: (l)14m x (w)14m x (h)3.5m


Dryspace Panoramic render

Dryspace Panoramic scale render


The Rooferamic is a recent addition to the Dryspace Pod range and is based on the popular Panoramic structure. Similar in the specification, this structure has the addition of a ceiling, entrance porch and the ability for solid door systems to be fitted to create a totally enclosed space. Branding and lighting can be added as required.

Sizes currently available in this range: 8m, 10m, 12m and 14m diameters. (Other sizes available upon request.) 


Dryspace Rooferamic renders

Examples of Dryspace Rooferamic scale


The Cuberamic series has been designed to provide even more choice to our extensive range of (lite) indoor structures.

The Cuberamic can be a perfect solution for those smaller to medium events or where multiple structures within a comparatively small area are required due to their reduced clearance requirements. Additionally, the wall shape and angle offer an excellent useable floor space across the whole range.

The series is available in four sizes to offer the maximum possible flexibility for event planners but importantly, even the biggest (12m) packs down to a manageable size. This feature, in turn, can provide simpler transport and delivery considerations for the client.

Available sizes in the range:

Cuberamic 6: (l)6m x (w)6m x (h)2.8m
Cuberamic 8: (l)8m x (w)8m x (h)3.2m
Cuberamic 10: (l)10m x (w)10m x (h)3.5m
Cuberamic 12: (l)12m x (w)12m x (h)3.5m
Cuberamic 1210: (l)12m x (w)10m x (h)3.5m


Dryspace Cuberamic renders

Example of Cuberamic structures and scale


The Luna is a system that is ideal for any event that requires a non-permanent, easy to install space perfect for products promotion or an instant bar set up.

Technically operational as an indoor or outdoor space, this solution does not constrain the user by weight or installation time.

Available in white or silver and black (two-tone) and fully brandable.

The available sizes in this range: 5.5m x 4.5m and 10m x 7.2m


Dryspace Luna product render

Example of black and silver (two-tone) Luna structure