Parque Da Bola

Location: Parque Da Bola, Brazil

Designing, fabricating and installing temporary structures is what we do. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 10 years and during this time we’ve overcome many challenges. A request from Brazil, however, presented us with a fresh set.

Commissioned to fabricate a 25m sealed air dome in time for The World Cup (2014) was simple enough. The challenge was to troubleshoot potential installation problems just from advance site plans. To add a further level of complexity, remote training was to be scheduled for an inexperienced local installation team. Training was to include the initial setup, structure management and service for the duration and also cover a potential site relocation.

Every challenge presents an opportunity, so we used this situation to carefully analyse and refine installation techniques, any streamlining of our process naturally benefiting all. At the same time, it allowed for the creation of a set of instruction documents and videos, all useful tools.

International shipping presents its own set of challenges, every country having processes and regulations to follow. So care was taken to make sure all components for the installation were clearly and logically marked, all to support as efficient setup as possible on arrival.

The hard work paid off and the event proved successful. The dome situated at Parque Da Bola in Rio, where the structure was used to host a number of different parties throughout the finals.

Installed on a raised deck, internally fitted with 360 degree projection and sound and light, the 25m structure created a truly immersive experience for those celebrating inside. You can see some additional shots of the structure on the venue’s Facebook page and video taken from events inside this amazing installation can be viewed on our Vimeo page.

Taking the challenge as an opportunity, careful analysis streamlined our own installation procedures to the benefit of all our customers. This also lead to the creation of both instructional documents and videos. All useful tools.

The challenge was to advance troubleshoot an installation only from site plans and train an installation crew from scratch remotely. Careful planning was also required to ensure smooth transit and logical assembly once delivered to site.

Structure(s), items supplied

Item list

1 x 25m Sealed Air Dome

Off-site installation training