Pic showing several Dryspace inflatable walls installed at an event in Las Vegas

A range of Dyspace inflatable walls set up at a hotel conference. Note, this event was before the current Covid-19 pandemic.

As businesses and workspaces consider the best way to keep their workforce safe and return to productivity, inflatable walls and dividers can be used to play an important role. Long used to filter the flow of people around exhibitions and conference venues, these inflatable structures efficiently divide larger spaces and generally deliver a less imposing view than solid dividers. They offer many additional benefits over the rigid alternatives too.

Added benefits to using inflatable walls and dividers

Light in weight, easy to transport, position and install, these inflatable structures can be set up in a matter of minutes. Available in a variety of different lengths and shapes, once set up, they’re stable, even though just air-filled and importantly don’t even require extended or complex securing footers (for people to potentially trip on). This reduced need for additional stabilisation means that they can be set up anywhere and are equally easy to keep clean. Furthermore, if sealed air structures are chosen, constantly running fans are not needed. Perfect for locations where a quieter working environment is preferred.

Smaller inflatable office pods as well as inflatable walls

It’s not just the temporary walls and dividers that can make life easier, smaller office pod structures too can be set up, providing a quick solution to break up larger open spaces. They can also be combined with existing dividing systems, to offer an improved internal office layout more suited to the current workplace guidance. As has been highlighted earlier for the walls, these temporary inflatable office pods also have self-stabilising footing and can be quickly installed close to each other to maximise the use of any available space.

Dryspace has the experience to support business

Dryspace Structures has more than 10 years of experience of designing and installing inflatable walls and structures within offices, warehouses, and venues. We also have the widest range of solutions available and are used to complying with some of the most exacting venue requirements and conditions. We also have stock, regional distribution and installation support based in the UK, Hong Kong and the USA. Use the form below to get in touch for free advice and to how we can support businesses with their temporary structure planning.

Pic showing several Dryspace Panoramic structures set up as breakout areas

Several smaller Dryspace Panoramic structures set up alongside a Cube wall. Note, this installation took place prior to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Pic showing a Dryspace L Wall used as a presentation area backdrop

An L Wall from Dryspace used as a backdrop at a conference presentation.

Pic showing several Dryspace Cross Walls installed in a school hall

Several Dryspace Cross Walls being set up at a conference event.

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