Two front views of new Dryspace Pods (available in other colours too). 

Even though Dryspace offers the widest range of inflatable event structures available, there are occasions when a more permanent solution is required. Perhaps a structure needs to be in place for longer, more control needed for the environment inside or maybe the weather forecast might mean other temporary structures are unsuitable. In these instances, a structure from the Dryspace semi-permanent range could be an ideal choice.

Designed with efficiency in mind

Every bit as modular as our inflatable event products, these have been designed to incorporate set prefabricated elements wherever possible to support the same efficiency for installation we’ve built our reputation on.

As you’d expect, all aspects of the design and fabrication process have been considered from the outset. Materials selected so that transport and installation options are not compromised in any way. This, in turn, helps to ensure that the Dryspace Pod has the widest range of applications. Whether used for temporary or home office spaces, utilised as a self-contained promotion or display areas or employed by urban farmers as efficient climate-controlled growing areas. Most needs can be met.

Whilst temporary inflatable event structures can all carry branding or be lit by projections, so too can this range of pods. The flat smooth walls provide an excellent flat canvas space that can easily be covered with conventional graphic wraps or signage. Equally, outer walls can be left as they are and the pod fabricated in a specified colour, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Hot (or cold) on insulation
One of the major benefits of this type of structure design is the insulation properties. Insulation is designed and fabricated directly into walling from the outset, allowing for a much more compact and efficient solution to be employed. A definite advantage over traditionally converted shipping containers, for example, where insulation has to be added, reducing available space inside.

Specific details of the Ponic Pod that has been developed by (and available exclusively from) True Veg in partnership with Dryspace and OASE can be found in earlier Dryspace news posts or by visiting the True Veg website.

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The front and reverse of a Dryspace Pod in blue.