An installation featuring multiple Panoramic structures from Dryspace Structures.

When it comes to modular inflatable event structures and venues, one size doesn’t necessarily need to fit all. That’s the beauty of inflatable exhibition structures, after all, they can not only be designed for a very specific purpose but be equally versatile, with the careful use of lighting, to appear dramatically different at any given installation.

The widest range
Inflatable event structures come in all shapes and sizes. Whether as self-contained structures like the Dryspace Cuberamic or office pod ranges or as creative inflatable space dividers such as Airwalls or Curve Walls. These versatile temporary inflatable structures, designed to cover a variety of floor areas and in a multitude of lengths can be used to provide a much more eye-catching backdrop for an event or promotion than a standard wall divider.

Structures with quick installation
One feature that all these temporary inflatable event structures have in common, however, is their speed of installation. Inflatable event structures, from the largest self-contained items to the longest walls, take only minutes to inflate. Easily deployed and with no additional complex pitching or rigging required, these structures allow for time to be better spent adding audiovisual setups, custom branding, or the aforementioned lighting rather than having a multitude of installation staff treading on each other’s toes at any one time.

The added benefits of modularity
It isn’t just installation speed that can make these inflatable exhibition or conference structures the perfect choice. The modularity we’ve touched on really becomes apparent on occasions when multiple items are installed alongside one another. All self-contained structures and dividing walls from Dryspace have been designed with common heights. We’ve found this approach a better solution to support the complex arrangements clients have requested. It also allows us to suggest solutions that can maximise the use of any space or area too.

Finally, even when structures are in close proximity to one another, sound transference and internal environment can be controlled too. These items are effectively double skinned, perfect to use where separate breakout zones or discussions are needed.

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A Dryspace C Wall structure being used at an event.

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