Either as independent structures or combined together, our products are perfect as breakouts or self contained promotion areas.

Quick to install

Even the largest of our structures can be installed quickly and with the minimum fuss. Various types and sizes to fit any space or location

Cover any event

Combine with lighting, projections and branded items to create the perfect impression for staff, visitors or clients.

The indoor structure range from Dryspace, offers dynamic solutions that can be transported easily from venue to venue or from event to event. Whether deployed individually or as multiple structures, all offer excellent usable floor spaces.

All our products are light weight and some of the smaller sized products even pack down into bags that can be carried on your shoulder.

Items in this range only come in white ripstop unless produced bespoke.


An addition to the lite range of indoor structures and sure to make a lasting impression at any event. Available in five sizes and as you’d expect from all of Dryspace’s products, easy to transport and quick to install.

Perfect for chill-out zones, additional meeting space or for creating inviting contemporary bar areas. One of our most popular products this range of structures really does have a size to fit every eventuality.

Panoramic 6 – 6m x 6m x 2.8m (height)

Panoramic 8 – 8m x 8m x 3.2m (height)

Panoramic 10 – 10m x 10m x 3.2m (height)

Panoramic 12 – 12m x 12m x 3.5m (height)

Panoramic 14 – 14m x 14m x 3.5m (height)


The Cuberamic can be a perfect solution for those smaller to medium events or where multiple structures within a comparatively small area are required due to their reduced clearance requirements. Additionally, the wall shape and angle offer an excellent useable floor space across the whole range.

The series is available in four sizes to offer the maximum possible flexibility for event planners but importantly, even the biggest (12m) packs down to a manageable size. This feature, in turn, can provide simpler transport and delivery considerations for the client.


Cuberamic 6 – 6m x 6m x 2.8m (height)

Cuberamic 8 – 8m x 8m x 3.2m (height)

Cuberamic 10 – 10m x 10m x 3.5m (height)

Cuberamic 12l – 12m x 10m x 3.5m (height)

Cuberamic 12 – 12m x 12m x 3.5m (height)

Office Pod

Office pods are a light weight room system that packs down into a conveniently to an easily transportable bag.

Designed for indoor use as an office or meeting space, chill-out pod or smaller exhibition space.

Office pods can be permanently installed or used as a temporary space solution given the entire structure can be inflated in 6–8 minutes.

This product is available in white as standard but can also be custom branded.


3m x 3m (2.5m height)

4m x 3m (2.5m height)

5m x 4m (2.5m height)

6m x 5m (2.5m height)


The Boxer range is a hybrid based on our popular Office Pod and Cube Wall ranges. Designed specifically for indoor use, they are ideal for product launches or branding events it is a lightweight portable room system that as with all our products, packs down into an easily carried bag. Easily transported from venue to venue or event to event in the back of a car, van or even across your shoulder on a scooter.

Boxer 3 – 3m x 3m x 2.5m (height)

Provides 5.5m2 useable floor area (closed)

Boxer 4 – 4m x 4m x 2.5m (height)

providing 11.5m2 useable floor area (closed)

Boxer 5 – 5.1m x 6.1m x 2.5m (height)

provides 19m2 useable floor area (closed)

Boxer 6 – 6.1m x 6.1m x 2.5m (height)

29m2 useable floor area (closed)

Offering both size and shape

Dryspace’s range of indoor inflatable structures can be used to create stunning exhibition environments, chill out zones, engaging meeting rooms and breakout areas. By adding internal LED lighting or applying temporary graphics unique pop-up branded areas can swiftly be created. The whole range is highly portable, lightweight and quick to install and usually requires minimal site preparation.

With size solutions to cover spaces either individually or as linked structures and a bespoke service an option, we’ve got you covered.