IMEX Exhibitions

Messe, Frankfurt and Sands Expo at The Venetian, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

Imex’s mission is to unite and advance the meetings industry – doing everything it can to educate, innovate and help people to make powerful connections with the right contacts. Their shows are must-go destinations for those in that field, with a view to bringing the industry together in one place at one time, twice a year.

Their commission to provide temporary structures for both shows, hosted in Frankfurt and Las Vegas respectively, required very different structure choices due to very specific considerations for each event space.

After pitching a concept and supplying virtual troubleshooting advice in advance at the previous years show, the first event held in Frankfurt, Germany, presented the perfect opportunity to replace the previous exhibitions expensive shell scheme and showcase an alternative and innovative inflatable wall solution.

Available in several styles, a variety of lengths but with a standardised height, Dryspace’s H-Walls provided the ideal flexible solution that would importantly, match any additional shaped breakout structures also supplied (three Panoramic 12 and two 5m Cubes).

Packages were clearly marked to match a pre-planned floor plan and made sure that on arrival, supported by the standard (speedy) inflation timings, that the set up proceeded without problem.

Whereas the Frankfurt event had focused on a more complex configuration of walled spaces supplemented by additional structures, the Las Vegas event, with a planning concept titled ‘The inspiration hub’, presented a more compressed installation timing, limited floor securing opportunity and needed to deliver synergy with the venues internal columns. Reducing sound transference was also an important consideration as structures were to provide individual breakout arenas for delegates.

Panoramics provided the perfect solution. The surrounding double skinned walls offer noise reduction, alongside wall angles that provide excellent useable floor spaces, perfect in this instance for the variety of internal seating and space configurations needed. Additionally, the centralised roof opening of the Panoramic range means that those inside don’t feel overly enclosed.

Rounding off the installation on this occasion were three of our versatile 6m Curve Walls, excellent for creating simple enclosed floor areas for additional discussion spaces.

Liaison using floor plans and CAD drawings, between event organisers and an experienced planning team meant that any potential challenges were anticipated and both events setups ran smoothly.

A review of the event can be found at:

Careful advance planning was undertaken to ensure smooth setup of complex wall configurations at the first site. Sympathetic structure choice ensured synergy with surroundings at the second.

Bookings for the same organisation across two continents presented a challenge. Continuity was needed yet each venue required its own specific installation considerations.

Structure(s), items supplied

Item list

Messe, Frankfurt 

6 x 12m H-Walls 

1 x 6m H-Wall 

1 x 4m H-Wall 

3 x Panoramic 12 

2 x 5m x 5m inflatable cubes 


Sands Expo at The Venetian, The Palazzo, Las Vegas

3 x 6m Curve Walls 

2 x Panoramic 12

1 x Panoramic 10