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Dryspace offers a unique bespoke design & manufacture service. Our priority is innovation, helping clients to recognise the benefit of taking ideas forward to new levels and not simply adopting any standard commercial solutions that might already be available.

With the continued development of our own products, our team has gained experience to easily take a brief from concept right through to final production and delivery. This has won us work with some major brands to deliver truly unique structures and solutions.

On this occasion, Verve, The Live Agency (Ireland) required just such a unique structure.

Created for the launch of the Guinness-Mid Strength Fan Zone, the structure was intended to support the ultimate match day experience for those following either Irish football or rugby teams at major competitions. Early collaboration with Verve’s marketing team, settled on the idea to replicate the distinctive appearance of a perfect Guinness pint in structure form. Clear branding areas were the challenge as it was requested that the logo be printed directly onto the outside walls rather than use a separate material sheet (also possible as a solution where complex graphics are required to be replicated). A combination of careful positioning and extra consideration of the structure ridge depth delivered the required result and when combined with the custom colour of the walls, more than met with Guinness’s exacting brand expectations. Added support on event days, with our teams on site, ensured the installations were achieved without a hitch. In fact, the first standard fan assisted structure created so successful an impression that a further sealed air system structure was commissioned three years later.

You can see the structures in all their glory on both Verve’s case study and Facebook page.

The quality of manufacture allowed for the Guinness structures to be reused at multiple events. It also created so successful an impression, that a new structure was commissioned three years later to support the Irish rugby fixtures.

Early collaboration with Verve’s marketing team allowed for the development of some truly unique structures. The design team’s experience from the continued progression of our own ranges can support the most complex and exacting requests.

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