Games Show Network

Location: Nashville, Tennessee, US

A game show launch for the GSN network, filmed live at the Court of 3 Stars in Nashville, Tennessee presented Dryspace with a slightly different challenge. For this brief, any structure would need to accommodate the extra rigging and lighting set up required to shoot a live TV show, yet still allow for a large active floor space for contestants and crew. Additional branding would also need to be applied to the structure once inflated and reduction of sound transference would also be a consideration.

Cube structures are ideal in these instances due to the high clearances offered, with the vertical interior walls perfect for the usually rectangular rigging frameworks. It isn’t just about the vertical lines either, the spacious 15m x 15m Cube structure also supports a useable floor area of 174m2. The flat sides (and even roof) perfect to support any fixed branding or additional signage. All of the Dryspace structures are double skinned and so already offer excellent sound insulation but in this situation, sealed door units provided the little extra required. It’s also worth noting that the standardised door specs across all our ranges allow for sealed door options to be added to any structure.

With the structure chosen, the network’s three day event had hundreds of contestants playing games and taking a series of challenges directly outside, with challenge winners then waiting to enter the cube to attempt a range of final prize winning questions.

Shipped from the UK according to schedule, installation time was still to be particularly tight, as our crew were just one of a list of contractors required to bring the project to life. A full studio rigging team immediately followed the cubes inflation, ensuring the venue looked fantastic not just on camera but to the live crowd too.

You can see the cube in action on GSN’s video launch.

With the structure spending time in front of the camera, the high sided walls and roof were to support additional branding and signage

Any structure choice had to be able to house additional TV production and lighting rigging yet still support a large active floor area

Structure(s), items supplied

Item list

1x 15m x 15m Cube

Additional sealed door units