Location: Tokyo, Japan

In planning their annual meeting in Tokyo. Fujitsu commissioned eight distinct breakout areas within the chosen venue Belle Salle. Any structures selected had to have a large enough floor space to not only cater for the delegates but to also allow flexibility within that space to create a variety of environments. Conscious that any representation had to maintain the high brand level associated with their name, Fujitsu still required a solution that was quick and easy to install due to access time constraints.

Dryspace had past experience working in Japan and so were able to anticipate the health and safety requirements there that restricted even temporary exhibition structures. The natural recommendation here was the Panoramic range of structures that offer an open roof solution to conform to sprinkler requirements whilst still providing the necessary enclosure and sound proofing. The range also offers sizes to match the respective seating needs in this instance. Additional brief requirements indicated that all structures were required to be fitted with additional lighting to support environmental ambience, with seating, AV equipment and plasma screens included for the presentations.

With the usual responsibility of overseas shipping, delivery and installation falling to us, the two technicians were on hand with time to spare. Staying for the duration of the conference to make sure all ran without a hitch.

The event proved to be a great success and the service appreciated so much that there was a booking for the following year. This time in addition to the Panoramics, two of the spacious 5m Boxer structures were added to the order.

Structure set up was under strict time constraints due to the location and subject to working alongside multiple contractors

All structures had to comply with strict safety standards and still be flexible enough to create distinct breakout environments

Structure(s), items supplied

Item list

6x 8m Panoramic

2x 6m Panoramic 

2x 5m Boxer

A combination of structures was supplied for the bookings but with the six 8m Panoramics providing the main items.