A Dryspace Cubewall structure in use at an event.

When booking inflatable structures for an exhibition or event, it’s easy to focus solely on enclosed structures as the solution. Inflatable walls or partitioning, however, can offer just as visually creative dividing options and in some cases offer added benefits too.

A creative alternative
Used as an alternative to standard partitions or the shell frames traditionally offered within venues, inflatable ranges can provide dynamic curved solutions that can still maximise an area. Additionally, the outer fabric offers a much more attractive backdrop, even if additional lighting or graphics are not deployed in tandem.

Safety and sound control
When it comes to sound transference and noise control, inflatable walls and products are effectively double skinned. Certainly useful for presentations within the confines of a designated space, or for when breakouts or gatherings are required within a much larger exhibition and excessive background noise levels could pose a distinct problem.

Where a venue’s ceiling heights are lower, preventing structures with larger floor areas (and heights to match) being used, an inflatable wall configuration could be the answer. Equally, these can be used where venue safety considerations do not allow for any completely enclosed areas to be set up.

Offering a modular solution
Naturally, consistent heights throughout any range would be of obvious benefit and here at Dryspace, we have ensured that there are standard heights running throughout the whole range of our products. Modular structure design has always been a requirement and our inflatable walls are treated no differently to any of our other structures when it comes to the design process. Whether the desired configuration called for Airwalls or Cross Walls to be installed alongside a C Wall, all heights would be consistent. Thus providing a client with a truly flexible solution suitable to divide any space.

For further information about our range of inflatable walls or any of our structures, call +44 (0)1634 230034, email info@dryspace.co.uk or visit Dryspace.co.uk.