Fiat UK

Wetherby and Newbury Racecourses, UK

Multiple structure installs at a single venue are a standard request. So too are installations that need to shift from venue to venue but the launch of a new car, a commission from Fiat UK required a combination of both. On this occasion, our installations were to be part of an innovative solution to showcase the launch of the new Fiat 500L to the staff at Fiat’s regional meetings in the UK.

The brief requested that any recommendations be large enough to provide a conference space for more than 500 delegates, new vehicles and a separate catering area.

At the planning stage, a fashion show catwalk, large enough for the new 500Ls to travel down, yet still have space for the desired theatre seating arrangement, was decided upon. This meant the 24m dome was a natural choice, as this item offers 365m2 of usable floor space.

This large main structure would provide a centrepiece alongside a further two 20m domes to provide support areas to house stationary vehicle displays. A final 14m dome acting as a self contained catering area.

Two of Britain’s best known racecourses provided the backdrops and it was imperative that the minimum amount of damage be inflicted on the courses and grass areas selected. Fortunately, our structures usually require fewer anchor points, subject the ground to less weight and can be supplied with trac flooring, that in this case reduced the possibility of damage from the cars driving across.

All the structures and flooring were installed during a single day (each) proving that a large size or area doesn’t have to mean slow.

With large useable floorspaces, our dome ranges are a natural choice in many circumstances. Due to standard door sizes across both domes and cubes, structures can easily be interlinked with connecting tunnels. This means that those inside are protected from the elements and a noticeable reduction in sound transference for those outside.

Our structures usually require fewer anchor points than conventional marquees, subject the ground to less weight and can be supplied with trac flooring that provides a flat walk area and can reduce wear and tear on covered ground areas. A wide range of structure sizes allows us to comfortably cover any type of event with ease.

Structure(s), items supplied

Item list

1x 24m Dome

2x 20m Dome

1x 14m Dome

Trac flooring