Q: What happens if power fails?

A: As with any event power failure is not good at all events need power for lighting, sound, vision, if power fails the structure will start to deflate, power these days is very reliable but to add extra protection we have sealed air beams in our SAS design, meaning that all of our structures will remain standing.

Q: Are there any planning requirements?

A: There are no specific planning requirements to temporary buildings, but the location and time they will be up for may require planning for some sites. Dryspace will assist where they can to help with advice on this.

Q: What happens if it gets punctured?

A: All the structures are airflow systems which mean the fans will run constantly against backpressure. All fabrics used are reinforced with nylon or polyester to stop any punctures or holes expanding. As such if there is an accidental hole made in the structures, the fans will compensate for the loss of air through the hole. Temporary patches can be applied during events and post-event repairs can be made to the structure to replace small sections. The guidance notes give a step-by-step detail on how this can be done.

Q: Are the fabrics fire safe?

A: We have fire ratings and certification to operate around the globe. Whilst there are different ratings we have found that the fabrics used have passed all the tests without any need to change them. Certificates are available on request from Dryspace Structures Ltd.

Q: Can they withstand heavy rain?

A: All the structures are waterproof and can withstand heavy rain as we have experienced. The air pressure within the structure repels the water away at the seams and allows it to run to the ground.

Q: What about the wind?

A: Wind calculations have been factored into the engineering of all structures over 70m2. On average our structures remain stable in gusting up to 40mph – 55mph. When properly fastened to the ground, and as the wind increases the structures will deflect to absorb the wind. Once the wind drops, the structures will regain form. Manuals are provided with all structures giving detailed instructions on how to deal with specific weather conditions.

Q: Does it get hot inside?

A: The structures will be affected by the outside temperature and sun. In most UK situations this would not become uncomfortable, however in hot conditions air-conditioning would be needed and all the structures have built in apertures to take a range of units. If specialist units are required in extreme cases we would need to make any design amends prior to production.

Q: Do you need to be an expert to use them?

A: No. All the structures come with full instructions. Training is available for your crew in Kent or your location from our experienced team.

Q: Can we have any colour?

A: The most common colours used are white black silver and frosted. All these fabrics we hold in stock. Any special colour can be made for a minimum amount of fabric production. There will be an additional charge to the cost of the structure base on the fabric not used. If the structure uses all the fabric then there is no extra cost. You must allow 2-3 weeks for sample match and approval, plus a further 4 weeks to manufacture and get the material to the factory for final production.

Q: Can I have my own design?

A:Yes. We started primarily as a design company only and can work with you to develop and produce any building from brief or sketch on a napkin or scrap of paper.

Q: Can I have my logo or branding on the structure?

A:The fabric used in the construction of the buildings can be screen-printed and full colour heat transferred with images or logos. Both the printing and the heat transfer must be done before production. Postproduction logos and branding can be applied as vinyl transfers or Dacron adhesive films, which can also be full, colour printed.

Q: Can we use lighting inside?

A: Our structures have been used with all types of lighting from strobes, lasers, LED walls washers etc. The structures work really well with internal battern LED lights in the base of the walls as this can create a dramatic seamless lighting effect.

Q: Will they melt with additional lighting?

A: We do not recommend hot lights in the structures. However if this necessary we recommend the lights are a minimum of 500mm from the internal skin of the structures in all conditions.

Q: Do your products come with a warranty?

A: All structures come with manufacturers warranty and guidance notes on care, cleaning and servicing the structures.

Q: What can the smaller structures be used for?

A: They can be used for anything. Let your imagination go wild. Mostly the smaller structures are used for events, trade shows and exhibitions.  as chill out zones, meeting rooms or simply to divide off spaces.

Q: How long do they take to set up?

A: The setup times will vary and are indicated on the data sheets for each structure. As a guide, the smaller indoor structure all take between 5-10minutes to set up and Dryspace. The outdoor structures require more time to set our and fix to the ground and will take from 1 hour to be set up ready. The Inflation time of the outdoor buildings is from 5 to 15minutes.

Q: Does the price include VAT?

A: VAT is only billed in the UK and to companies who are not VAT registered.

Q: Is there a helpline I can call for technical questions?

A: We have a network of offices and licensee partners around the world. All the offices are connected and offer assistance over the phone. By nature of how these offices are spread through the time zones, it should be possible to speak to an experienced Dryspace member 24 hours a day even if they are not in the country where you are. Please refer to the global partners’ section on the website.

Q: How long can you have it up for in one go?

A: The buildings are designed primarily as temporary portable spaces, however, it is possible to leave the buildings up for months or years subject to planning permission. The longer they are up the greater the level of importance to ensure the fixing and the possible need of trussing subject to the usage of the space inside.

Q: Can I hire or do you just sell?

A: We design and sell standard structures to many other businesses for events and hire. Dryspace also holds stock to hire.

Q: Are the structures easy to clean?

A: All the structures can easily be cleaned and wiped down. Guidance notes can be supplied that explain in more detail the specific eco cleaners we recommend and products we can supply. The smaller structures will even fit in a washing machine (please check the load weight limitations), whilst larger structures can be hot water jet washed with detergent.

Q: Do they need fan(s) to be running at all times?

A: Depends, if the structures are airflow then running fans keep these structures up. Sealed air systems do not though.

Q: Are the fans noisy?

A: The indoor fans run at less than 46db and can be further noise reduced with inline dimmers. The outdoor fans run at 59db standard and with noise reduction they run lower.

Q: Securing the structures down?

A: All outdoor structures will require being fixed on the ground. The structures all come with webbing loops to tie to decking or ground anchors for grass. If on concrete hard standing ballast or water bags can be inserted in the walls of the buildings via zips around the base. All structures over 70m2 have engineering guidance notes.

Q: Snow loading?

A: As temporary structures, they are not snow load tested. Manuals are provided with all structures giving detailed instructions on how to deal with specific weather conditions.

Q: Do they come with a floor?

A: None of the structures come with a built in floor. We provide ground sheets to keep the structures clean during the building and de-rig. Specialist plastic flooring can be supplied by Dryspace as well as bespoke shaped timber deck flooring. The timber deck flooring is engineered over 500mm to 5KPA.

Q: Where can I see them?

A: Most structures can be demonstrated at our facilities in Kent, for our largest structures, specific arrangements will have to be made. For viewing around the world please contact nearest Dryspace office found on our web site.