Dryspace Structures Curve Wall to be used as a playspace/creche in a shopping centre during the school holidays.

Dryspace structures have the widest choice of inflatable walls and inflatable dividers currently available.

These inflatable walls are a quick and efficient way to break up larger areas, whether they are used to divide open-plan offices, to create breakouts or discussion areas at conferences or even to partition sections in warehouses.

Being air-filled, weight isn’t a problem, ideal where floor loading weight needs to be considered and what’s more, if correctly designed, these inflatable dividers have superior stability at longer lengths and so avoid the need for multiple divisions as well.

Contact us for a recently updated 2020 rental price list or for more details about any of our temporary inflatable event structures or latest range of semi-permanent pods. Call on +44 (0)1634 230034, email andy@dryspace.co.uk, check www.dryspace.co.uk or use the form below.

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A Dryspace Structures Cube Wall deployed as a backdrop for an evening celebration event.

A Dryspace Structures Expo Wall set up at a recent Hilton Worldwide Sales event.

Several Dryspace Structures Curve Walls set up within an arena environment .

Several Dryspace Structures C Walls being set up to be used as event breakouts .


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