The Dome range combines wide span space with style and elegance. From the compact 6m and 10m Domes right up to the colossal 24m Trident, these particular structures deliver truly bold and practical space solutions to cover any event.

With an installation of largest structure achieved in only 5 hours, these items provide an excellent alternative to similar specification conventional marquee tenting.

All the sizes are available in white/grey and can also be custom branded.

The 6m dome is the smallest structure currently available in the Dryspace dome family. Perfect for small corporate events or individual promotional or event spaces. This item offers an excellent compact footprint to usable area.


Dryspace 6m Dome render

Dryspace 6m Unii Dome render

At 8m this dome is one of the smaller structures in the Dryspace dome range. Ideal for those smaller corporate events where floor space is at a premium. Offers an excellent balance between size and usable area.


Dryspace 8m Dome render

Dryspace 8m Dome render

One of the more compact dome structures in our range, the 10m dome is ideal for smaller corporate events or dividing outside areas into individual conference, product launch or party spaces.


Dryspace 10m Dome render

Dryspace 10m Dome scale render

The 14m dome sits in the middle of the Dryspace dome range. This structure is comfortable covering any event. Offering a wide span roof delivers along with the 14m diameter floor space.


Dryspace 14m Dome render

Dryspace 14m dome scale render

Towards the larger end within the Dryspace dome range. This structure can cover any event. A wide span 6.7m high roof delivers a 20m diameter with a usable floor space of  240m2 that is perfect for gigs, parties, conferences and product launches. 

This item is available in white rip stop and silver PVC & translucent reinforced PVC or silver outer & black interior. 

At this size, complete package solutions are also available for those who require either Lighting, Branding, Flooring or Trussing additions.


Dryspace 20m Dome render

Dryspace 20m Dome scale renders

The 24m is the largest structure in the Dryspace dome range.

Offering a massive self supporting roof span it delivers a 20m diameter of interior floor space that is ideal to cover concerts, parties, conferences and larger product launches.

Even at such a large size, setup can be achieved in only 5 hours as opposed to tenting or marquees of similar size.

Available in white/grey these structures can also be custom branded.


Dryspace 24m Dome render

Dryspace 24m Dome scale renders

The Peanut Jnr is slightly smaller but no less impressive than it’s bigger brother the Peanut dome. Offering an incredible 551m2 floor space this structure really provides enough versatility and space to cater for almost any layout option needed. The ‘Wow’ factor is definitely still present whether it’s used to cover a corporate function or a performance and considering a structure of this size, set up and inflation times remain incredibly quick.

Dryspace Peanut Jnr render

Dryspace Peanut Jnr scale render

The Peanut Trident is a giant! The massive 770m2 floor space confirms the structure as one of the largest temporary event spaces currently available. This structure guarantees a ‘Wow’ factor and is ideal for large corporate functions, concerts or events.


Dryspace Peanut Snr render

Dryspace Peanut Snr scale render