An outside view of one of our popular Cuberamic structures.

When it comes to designing temporary inflatable structures, the primary consideration needs to be driven by possible uses, and the more varied these can be the better. This might sound obvious, but all too often, designers get caught up just on outside looks and forget that once wall angles, curves or anchor points inside have been taken into consideration, the useable floorspace within, is a fraction of what’s needed to make the structure a popular choice. The experience of installing and setting up these types of structures benefits this stage too. Understanding how clients might have divided or set up past events inside similar structures provides the designer with a library of information to draw from. Allowing any impractical suggestions to be ruled out at early stages and before too much development time is wasted.

Sometimes designs are refined directly from setup experiences. A perfect example being our Cuberamic products. Developed directly from our popular Panoramic range and in response from customer feedback, the Cuberamics were introduced to support occasions when increased useable floor areas were an important consideration. The near-vertical wall allowing for light or sound rigging, screens or furniture items to be placed just that little bit closer or to get an extra seat (or two) in.

How feasible is the project
It isn’t just the ‘how’ though, where a structure might be deployed requires equal consideration. Will it only be used indoors, outdoors (or maybe both). This all impacts on fabrication considerations, understandably. Wind testing, snow loading, and protection from other weather wear need to be factored in and changes driven by these results.

Weighty considerations
There can be no compromise over safety, but ensuring structural stability can lead to a necessary increase in overall structure weight. Any weight increases will certainly have an impact on both portability and transport solutions to and from (but also from service entrances to) setup areas. This is of even greater significance where multiple structures might be required for a single event or time constraints for setup are in place. Practicalities sometimes overlooked.

The finishing touch
For all the design considerations outlined above, visual appearance is still a major consideration for us. The choice of material, alongside structural integrity, are key factors here. Lighting or branding can only hide so much and there have been occasions where larger structure designs have been rejected in favour of smaller more practical solutions. Additionally, by ensuring that door openings are designed to a consistent size and height throughout the range, any structure can easily be linked to another. This allows for just as impressive, wide or voluminous spaces to be created to keep our clients happy.

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