Container Conversions

These products have been born following several early projects that needed a secure, mobile, high end marketing/ promotional environment. What followed has been developed through the use of recycled shipping containers into truly unique and innovative spaces.

Not restricted to purely marketing or promotional applications, these units can be easily adapted to a whole range of uses including:-

Residential development

Residential design whether it be for private or social housing requirements offer a modular construction that can be configured to suit any sized accommodation requirement. Various cladding materials take away the industrial appearance of a shipping container and add that extra insulation value. Talk about social sustainability! Using shipping containers for the structure instead of traditional construction saves the project budget a great deal of money and time will serve as a model for future affordable housing projects.

Office spaces

The modular concept of shipping containers allows Business Enterprise Zones to be created in an efficient ‘Hi-Tech’ environment with a low installation and start up costs. Utilising forgotten inner city brownfield sites, this office concept would be able to take advantage and rejuvenate the area until such time significant investment is used to bring the space back to life. The beauty of this concept is it’s totally transportable! These can even be set up within larger areas such as warehouses or hangers.

Garden Pods

More and more people are deciding to utilise the space ‘at the bottom of the garden’. This concept allows you to design and fabricate your Garden Pod off-site and then have it delivered to your location and be ready to use within minutes. Our Plug and Play system for utilities saves time and stress to the client. Office, playroom, gym, guest room, you name it we can have it ready for you.

Retail and Brand Marketing opportunities

Costing a fraction of the costs and installed within a few weeks, this concept will revolutionise and safeguard new business start ups during the first few years of operating. High-end clothing store Aether Apparel just launched its first standalone retail shop in San Francisco – made from three recycled shipping containers stacked one atop another!

Pop-up brand exhibition or promotional spaces using shipping containers allows the end user to have a full branded space in situ with little effort. It offers a secure and safe environment, that can bring your brand to life quickly and easily but leave that lasting impression.

Further details about installations, including one for Medway NORSE can be supplied on contact.