Several Cuberamic structures being set up at a recent event in Tampa, Florida.

Just as our inflatable or semi-permanent range of structures can offer a flexible, modular approach to a conference, event or exhibition space, equally flexible is Dryspace’s supporting hire service.

Set up originally to cover more complex installations for regular clients (and where to have too many onsite teams added an unwanted dynamic), a dry-hire service was refined to allow an added option to self install.

Whilst certain considerations need to be met*, comprehensive installation guides and all safety and fire documentation are supplied alongside any temporary structures that are booked via this arrangement.

Supporting this process behind the scenes means that all transportation and logistics are covered by Dryspace too. We like to ensure a smooth-running event and have even had experience in scheduling traveling, multi-venue shows through careful planning. Stock can be allocated from our storage facilities in Florida, Hong Kong or the UK, wherever is closest and that on occasions can reduce lead times and cost further.

In 2020 we’re planning further refinements to this service, with the introduction of a range of installation support videos. Details to follow in later news posts.

*Available to clients after at least one event where an install technician has been present or training has been previously been provided.

The evening event underway showing the Dryspace Cuberamic structures in action.