Pic showing two views of a Dryspace Office Pod

Two views of a Dyspace office pod with one set up as an interview space or consultation room.

As was outlined in a recent post, the semi-permanent office pods from Dryspace Structures are ideal to be used as home or garden offices but they can work equally, to break up an open-plan office, be used as consultation rooms, interview spaces or to support increased workspace distancing needs. Below are six key benefits that these self-contained structures offer.

1. Full use of the internal space

Designed with hidden wiring channels for both lighting and floor level connectivity, means that the inside has a smooth, flush finish and so no compromise over the internal dimensions listed. This allows for maximum flexibility of internal configuration and use.

2. Modular flexibility

The standard single size of a 3m might be enough for many, especially if pods are intended to be used just for interviews, as consultation rooms, breakouts or small self-contained workspaces. Requiring limited clearance these structures can easily be placed close to one another to maximise the available space. Equally, the modular design allows for pods to be joined on any side face, creating further 3m extensions each time one is attached. Additionally, pods can even be stacked one on top of another to offer multiple levels.

3. Fully customisable

The sleek finish of this type of pod can be supplied in a range of colours or with graphics applied. It’s possible to match corporate guidelines or even theme spaces. Solid walls can be replaced by windows, doors and any existing walls can be further clad to provide an alternative profile.

4. Easy to keep clean and maintain

The smooth finish both inside and out, along with an anti-mould coating makes life easier when it comes to matters of cleaning and maintenance. One could say, almost wipe-down. Combine this feature with additional protective films and you certainly have an advantage over other office solutions.

5. Climate control

With design variations as diverse as consultation rooms, garden offices and urban farming facilities, these semi-permanent structures have fully integrated insulation (incorporating recycled materials too). When this insulation is combined with other integrated environmental systems, a superior level of control over the internal climate can be maintained.

6. Both on or offsite construction possible

Designed to support efficient fabrication, these office pods can be fully or partially constructed offsite or constructed entirely in situ, whichever works best. This might lead to previously dismissed locations being reconsidered.

Dryspace also has the widest range of temporary indoor inflatable structures currently available for immediate hire. With stock held in the UK, Hong Kong and the USA. These products could also be useful to support workplace distancing without the need for complex renovation or adjustment.

For further information about our temporary inflatable event structures or our latest semi-permanent pods, you can contact us on +44 (0)1634 230034, email andy@dryspace.co.uk or check www.dryspace.co.uk.

Pic of an architectural illustration showing the available pod colours

An architectural illustration highlighting the different colours that Dryspace office pod can be provided in. When combined with additional graphics and films, the variety possible is almost endless.

Pic showing a render of the front of a Dryspace office pod

An architectural render of a Dryspace office pod intended to be used as a small home, garden or site office.

Pic showing a render of two Dryspace Office Pods in an aircraft hangar

Two examples of 3m Dryspace Office pods in white and red illustrating the double smoked glass door option.

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