Three of the smaller Dryspace Structures Panoramics set up at an indoor event.

As was outlined in an earlier article, there are many benefits to choosing inflatable event structures and inflatable walls for your next event or conference, so we’ll go on to highlight another three reasons in this post.

1. Modular structures that can easily be combined

Whether you’re looking to book just inflatable structures, inflatable walls or a combination of both, many of today’s designs offer standard structure opening sizes and consistent overall heights for all products. This provides an opportunity for complex arrangements to be planned and even more immersive experiences to be created.

2. Double skinned structures that help to reduce sound transference

Having two layers (or sides) of material separated by an air-filled cavity dramatically reduces the amount of sound transference over standard shell schemes to those outside the temporary structure. Equally, inside the reverse effect is true, with the opportunity to deliver a truly immersive experience to people inside (especially when combined with dynamic lighting or visuals).

3. No complex rigging needed so can be placed anywhere

If designed correctly, these inflatable dividers and temporary structures are completely self-supporting and don’t require guy ropes or pitching aids. This means that structures require less clearance around the outside and can be placed easily on any kind of surface without the risk of causing damage. Perfect for where space is at a premium or when used at locations that have specific requirements or limitations in place. A bonus to this feature is that naturally, these are structures with quick installation.

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Multiple Dryspace inflatable office pods set up as self contained interview areas.

A Dryspace Structures Boxer set up at an event, illustrating how branding can be applied to the exterior.

Several Dryspace Boxer structures with custom branding added.


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