A Dryspace Structures Panoramic set up alongside several inflatable Office Pods at a promotional event.

There are many benefits to using temporary inflatable event structures and inflatable walls at your next conference or promotional event. In this article, we’ll go on to highlight three.

1. Quick to install

Being air-filled and light certainly has advantages, with even the largest of these temporary event structures taking as little as ten minutes to install. With products packing down into bags possible for a single person to carry, this allows items to be quickly positioned in any designated area and then be able to get inflation underway immediately. No need for complex structural rigging either as these temporary event structures are self-supporting, designed not to sag in all the wrong places.

2. Wide range of shapes and sizes

These inflatable dividers and structures are available in a host of different lengths, styles, radiuses and diameters. Some are designed for very specific purposes or to meet certain regulatory requirements but whether you want some straight lines or curves, there’s a structure or inflatable wall to match your need. The wide range of available sizes also means that pretty much any space can be considered.

3. A different look with the flick of a light switch

Attractive and bright enough when in their natural white state, add some lighting and the mood can change in an instant. These self-contained inflatable structures can be turned into grottos, themed presentation areas and promotional environments. Lighting can even be utilised to match brand colours to maintain a cohesive appearance.

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Inside a Dryspace inflatable structure used for an evening event.

Several of the smaller Dryspace Panoramics at an event, illustrating how coloured lights can change the mood.

Outside a Dryspace Structures Boxer dramatically lit at a recent event .

Several Dryspace Structures Cuberamics being set up at an event.

A Dryspace Structures C Wall set up for a conference presentation area.

A Dryspace Structures Cube Wall used as a backdrop for a theatre event just using simple lighting.


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